Alpha Sigma Society Recent Events

2018 Stag Weekend at Steve Poe's Ranch in Creston, California, Sept 13th - 16th.
A beautiful weekend at Steve Poe's ranch. The activities included shotgun, pistol and rifle shooting, ATV driving, horseback riding, fishing, swimming, hitting golf balls into the lake, playing horseshoes (with and without the horses), playing cornhole (don't go there...), and copious amounts of beer drinking. Sparing no expense, Steve had the fattened pig slaughtered and cooked up just right for Saturday's dinner. As it happened to be the annual Creston Rodeo weekend, some of the guys moseyed on over and helped hold the corral fence down with elbows, whilest cheering on the cowgirls. A big "Him, Him..." to Steve for hosting such a great Stag weekend.

2018 Creston Ranch

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60th Anniversary - November 13, 2017
Alpha Sigma celebrated its 60th anniversary in style in San Luis Obspo over the Veteran's Day weekend from November 10th through November 12th, 2017. Activities included a welcoming dinner at the Priddy's; an amazing tailgate party and BBQ at Cal Poly, hosted by Bob & Nancy Davis; and tickets to the Cal Poly - Sacramento State football game, where Alpha Sigma veterans were honored during the haltime show. Alpha Sigma was also recognized for its financial support of Cal Poly, including the "LIB-rat" endowment program.

60th Anniversary

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2017 Stag Weekend at Lake Don Pedro in Central California, May 4th - 8th.
Twenty-one members of the Alpha Sigma Society Alumni Association stowed themselves, their belongings, assorted tackle, and a "boat-load" (sorry) of great food aboard the "S.S. Flatulence" and the "I. M. Powerless" at Lake Don Pedro in Madera County, CA. The total fleet included the two aforementioned houseboats, plus several kayaks, and a couple of fishing & ski boats. The weekend consisted of relaxing, fishing, eating, hitting golf balls, laughing, and of course, drinking beer.

2017 Lake Don Pedro

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2015 Stag Weekend in Loreto, Baja CA, Aug 27th - 31st.
The 2015 Stag weekend was held in Loreto, Mexico and attended by about ten of our most adventurous alumni. The weekend was spent catching fish, norkeling, kayaking, and of course, drinking cervesa and margaritas. Surprisingly enough, the participants were able to convince the authorities to let them back into the United States.

2015 Loreto, Baja CA, Mex

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2015 Couples Retreat to Reno
The Alpha Sigma Alumni Association had our annual couple's weekend in Reno, Nevada from Friday, May 15 through Sunday, May 17th.

The weekend was started in grand fashion at the beautiful home of Bob & Peggy Hayes in the hills of western Reno. Great food, drink and conversation filled the rainy evening. I would like to say, and I believe that I can speak for everyone that attended; KUDOS to a job well done! It was very enjoyable.

Saturday morning had the group gathering in the Alpha Sigma event center, also known as room 1609 of the Peppermill Tower for a continental breakfast. We then headed to the National Automobile Museum for a docent guided tour of the over 200 beautifully restored vehicles on display. Afterwards we all gathered at the Silver Peak Restaurant & Brewery for a hearty lunch with excellent beers. KUDOS to Mike Inskeep for this great dining recommendation! The afternoon was open for everyone to spend on their own (read 'nap') and then we gathered again for a pre-dinner social and a trip through the Peppermill's huge buffet. Later in the evening, some of us 'donated' money to the Peppermill's coffers, while others were slightly luckier. However, I don't think anyone is quitting their day job.

Sunday morning saw most of us at the semi-annual meeting to discuss all the important issues facing our organization. Although several members apparently were fly-fishing somewhere north of Reno. These folks will be seeing their meeting 'no-show' fines in the mail soon?

Once again, our illustrious and 'uncompensated' Social Director, Marty Wilcox has performed his duties well and organized an exceptional weekend! Many thanks and many KUDOS to you, Marty!

2015 Reno Attendees

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2014 Couples Retreat to Catalina Island
The Alpha Sigma Alumni Association had our annual couple's weekend on Catalina Island in October 2014. Events included, snorkling, hiking, dancing, golf, and hanging out at the party house. Ralph provided a walking tour of the local bamboo collection, much to everyone's dismay delight. Saturday night we closed down the Marlin Club, after the juke box selection of "Born to be Wild" finally wore out.

2014 Catalina Island

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2014 Stag Weekend in June Lake
The Brothers had their annual stag weekend at June Lake in the Sierra Nevada mountains in June 2014. We drank beer, visited the old mining town of Bodie, drank beer, went fishing, drank beer, and otherwise had a good time. Although a stag weekend, Cheeks brought along a female friend who happily provided lots of beer (see photo 1 in the photo gallery).

2014 June Lake

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Prevoius Events

In case you've missed out, the Alpha Sigma Society has sponsored some very exciting events the past few years. In May of 2004 stag'rs had their way with the pescas and many tight lines down in Cabo/East Cape. Then in October the couples met in Cambria for a wine bus tour and feasted at Conrad and Chris's new winery in Peachy Canyon. In 2005 the guys pirated the ferry boats over to Catalina for pillage and plunder (unfortunately most of it occurred on the on the golf course), had a great bar-b-q and inhabited the local haunts of past good times. The couples finished off the year in beautiful Yosemite Valley with another great welcome bar-b-q, a "short" stroll down from Glacier Point, topped off with a wonderful brunch at the Ahwahnee Hotel. In 2006, most guys returned intact from the trip to Las Vegas, where we explored the casinos and the desert, and got a good lesson in negative economics! And most couples are still speaking after an invasion of the Marlin Club in Avalon. In 2007, we led an assault on Cabo, the beer and the fish.

In November 2007, we celebrated 50 years of Alpha Sigma brotherhood and friendship in SLO and were honored to see 2 of our founding fathers. Here are some interesting words from Irwin Haydock. In May of 2008 we made our first trip to Texas and did it up BIG! October of 2008 found the group on a curise to Canada. There were still some undamaged areas of Los Vegas from the 2006 trip, so the guys returned this May to finish things up. October 2009 found the couples relaxing under the sun in Palm Springs. Yes we do it in style!!!!!

A Party for Walt

Walt Page 5

Palm Springs

Palm Springs Page 4


Las Vegas

Las Vegas Page 1

Las Vegas Page 3

Las Vegas Page 5

Las Vegas Page 2

Las Vegas Page 4

Las Vegas Page 6

Las Vegas Page 7

Cruise to Canada

Canada Page 1

Canada Page 3

Canada Page 5

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Canada Page 2

Canada Page 4

Canada Page 6

Canada Page 8

Texas Invasion

50th Celebration (click for pictures)

Cabo 07 Stag Weekend

Catalina Couples Event
Avalon Page 1 Avalon Page 2

Las Vegas
Las Vegas Page 1

Las Vegas Page 2

Las Vegas Page 3

Las Vegas Page 4

Yosemite Page 1 Yosemite Page 2

Catalina Island Invasion
Catalina Page 1

Catalina Page 2

Catalina Page 3

Catalina Page 4

Catalina Page 5

Catalina Page 6


Cambria and Wine Tasting
Cambria Page 1

Cambria Page 2

Cambria Page 3


Van and Katy Tie the Knot!!
Van and Katy Photo Page


A Party at the "Root's"

Cabo Page 1

Cabo Page 2

Cabo Page 3

Cabo Page 4


Click on image for a larger, more disgusting version!!
Baja Cruise 2003 Page 1

Baja Cruise 2003 Page 2

Baja Cruise 2003 Page 3

Baja Cruise 2003 Page 4

Baja Cruise 2003 Page 5
Baja Cruise 2003 Best Looking Couples

Baja Cruise 2003 Page 7

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The Frankel Fiesta


Lake Tahoe Page 1

Lake Tahoe Page 2

Lake Tahoe Page 3

Lake Tahoe Page 4


Happy to be together, but a sad time.

A Party for Jack Page 1

A Party for Jack Page 2

A Party for Jack Page 3

A Party for Jack Page 4

Would you buy a used car from anyone in this group???

Whitewater Rafting Preparations Page 1

Whitewater Rafting Preparations Page 2

Whitewater Rafting Preparations Page 3

Whitewater Rafting Preparations Page 4

Whitewater Rafting Preparations Page 5

Whitewater Rafting Preparations Page 6

Whitewater Rafting Page 1

Whitewater Rafting Page 2

Whitewater Rafting Page 3

Whitewater Rafting Page 4

Whitewater Rafting Page 5

Whitewater Rafting Page 6

Whitewater Rafting Page 7


Cal Poly Homecoming Page 1

Cal Poly Homecoming Page 2

Cal Poly Homecoming Page 3

Cabin Trips


Walt taking care of the wildlife!!

Weekend in San Diego. Photos coming soon.........

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